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Has anyone seen this book?


The book details the design and assemblage of the ICON FJ series

I think YO had a hand in the design if I remember correctly? Has anyone flipped through this? $30+ shipping is too much to spend on the book without any knowledge or previews of what the insides contain or the quality of the book.

It does not help promote the sense of book worth that the description on the Lulu page calls it a brochure.

100,000 plus dollar FJ reproductions, gorgeous reproductions, and it costs 30$ to look at the dream in print.

Which, looking a little bit into Lulu pricing is about the right price for brochure distribution like this.

It would be nice to see what is inside.

you can download the brochure PDF at Icon’s website, which is linked w/in the Lulu link

The FJ series was before me, I helped out on the CJ3B…

This might sound hilarious to some, but I totally forgot that I helped design the gauge cluster on some of the more up specced ones.

Awesome! Mike what is the final production part made from? Is it plastic?

thanks man. The founder is a huge watch guy so you might see a large Bell & Ross influence. No plastic! Not with these guys. CNC’d then powder coated.

That is pretty funny. The cluster looks pretty good. Unfortunately it looks like the production version is missing some of the subtle details that made the rendering pop.

You might have seen this already. But Wired just had the CJ3B on their website.

Thought I would share some pics of parts… something so nice about these right out of the CNC.

Thank you for sharing Yo. Those are beautiful!

I like the non-powdercoated version better. I also don’t care much for the phillips-head screws either.