Weird Resume Skills?

Would it be weird to list “sketching while talking” as a skill? I’ve been trying to improve my communication skills while talking to marketing/engineer peoples by drawing and talking at the same time to explain something.

It works a lot better than a bunch of crazy hand gestures and I’ve even gotten them to draw with me which has been very cool. They don’t even give me the preemptive “i can’t draw but…” anymore.

So is that too obvious? I can walk and talk!

Sure, but be ready to be asked to do it in an interview. I list some intangible skills in the overview of my own res:


Passionate advocate for good design, persistent evangelist of design vision, positive team motivator and mentor. Ability to achieve results in large corporate structures. Experienced in delivering industry leading product with a high level of technical difficulty from concept to reality. Focused on creating meaningful, memorable objects that move brands forward, are culturally relevant and exceed consumer expectations.

Like this?

That is a good skill to have. Dunno if I would list it per se in a CV. Had one interview guy do something similar but draw everything upside down (facing me across the table), that was nice. I tried it once. It’s hard.

If I could odd list skills on my CV, I would add: winning chinese drinking games (in chinese), checking level of hanging paintings (within 1 degree) from 10’ away, font and kerning correction detection by sight, instant creative copy (BS) creation and presentation design rationale justification (ie. art-speak), and finding good stuff in a garage sale :slight_smile:


Didn’t that used to be called Rapid Visualization?, aka: RapidViz. Verbal Illustration?

As a “designer” working within an contractor engineering staff on Vandenberg AFB, I used to do it during meetings with our client, the United State Air Force Western Test Range. Our group would show up with our presentation reports and a few rough drawings, and I would sit there and doodle the thoughts and blue-sky ideas that were being talked about on 8.5 x 11 bond with a Flair pen. At a break point I’d leave my stuff on the table after everyone had left the room. The conversation would generally change to what was found on the table when they got back. The 8.5 x 11 sheets usually ended up being photocopied (which is why I used it) and given to the client, a few ended up in their presentations to upper level USAF staff.

At first my boss wasn’t too thrilled with my antics, but the Blue Suits loved it so he eventually decided it was a good thing. …
It would probably be considered the equivalent of a thread “hijack” now.

I like your overview ALOT because it’s bullshit free. Does what it says on the tin without the latest facepalm-tastic marketing buzzwords. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

along the same line as the Milton Glaser post, I thought of MC Paul Barman who will often pull a young lady from the crowd and draw a “recognizable portrait” while performing one of his songs.

I’ve seen Diet Coke in the personal interest section.

Sorry, can’t resist.

Experienced in delivering industry leading product with a high level of technical difficulty from concept to reality.

Yo, that reads like you have technical difficulties “delivering industry leading product from concept to reality”

How about: “Experienced in embracing technical complexity to deliver industry leading products from concept to reality”?

(…this isn’t meant to be snarky…)

Yes, thanks, that is a much nicer flow…