Weird lines

I’ve been reading a few reviews of the new Peugeots lately. I noticed this weird leading edge on the front and rear (see photo). It’s the strangest line I think I’ve ever seen on a car. It doesn’t seem to follow anything, nor accent any other design detail.

Anyone else spot a detail that is truly bizarre in the auto/transport world?

Looks to me like it follows the vertical beams of the grill, probably created by the intersection of the grill end surface (or an offset of that surface) and the outer fender surface. Pretty weird, but what the hell…

I thought this was a post about Peugeot even before I read it… There was a new coupe concept unveiled today, which is festooned in a plethora of bizarre lines. Odd glasshouse proportions, over-large wing mirror detailing, gormless grin, proboscis monkey nose, overdone wheel blisters and it even has a derriere on the roof!

whoa, that is an odd one, TT, meets 350z, meets WTF? What is going o with that kink in side glass?

Odd that this exterior that is over festooned with bumps and bulges encases a very simple, clean interior.

It also looks like they’ve gone the way of several other companies that think “bigger is better” when it comes to logos. Pretty soon they’ll start embossing the hoods with a logo.

Not to mention the butt crack looking crease on the top:

That top glass detail was much better in the sketches:

I think that is another case of a car looking better in drawings than in the metal. The kink in the glass looked cool in the drawing, but in the metal it looks busy and tacked on. The butt-crack in the glass is the same way, better left in the sketch pad.

I have to say, I used to like Peugeot design, but today they have gone too post-modern ridiculous. Maybe Starck works there?

The rear quarter glass was totally different in the sketch, see how it was inset into a form, so it worked with the kink, the kink didn’t work once they cheeped out the glass to remove the blind spot it would cause.

IP_ the butt crack is just weird, it looks like it got hot in the sun and the glass slumped (that’s a real word).

One-Word, you just gave someone a great idea, the step after that is to make the logo so big, it is the outer form of the car.

“This Fig Newtons sticker is dangerous, and reckless… but I do love those Newtons!” Ricky Bobby…

that dent might be a refrence to zagto a old time house whos “mark” was a double buble in the roof for head clearance.

Yes, but Zagato’s where subtle and graceful… this is like paying tribute to fine Italian dining at the Olive Garden…

well said. if you dont mind, im gonna steal that to use someday. :wink:


Hey some folks like BIG CURVES, all in all this is typicaly a odd french car, last good looking car they came out with IMO was the Citroen SM

is the SM after the DS?

The GS came after the DS.

The SM was a special cooperation between Citroen and Maserati (Italian) (the M in SM). Exclusive car with a big engine :slight_smile:

The SM came after the introduction of the GS

DS 1955
GS 1970
SM 1970


I’ve noticed a few posts about what the future was supposed to look like. To me, there is no vehicle that looks more futuristic than old Citroens. I mean, take the wheels off and they all would look at home in a Jetsons episode!

It’s almost as though Subaru knew I was going to post about that Pug and decided to try and compete. What is with the parting line of the rear bumper on the new Impreza sedan. I have to say, the meandering trunk parting line of the 7 series never bothered me, but this Impreza seems even less thought out…or perhaps too thought out.

nice 3 series rip on the body side sections between the wheel arches.

The theft of BMW fenders and doors isn’t weird though, just lazy. I have to say though, that BMW slash looks good.

Actually, what surprises me here is what happened with the '01 Impreza. Subbie had created two designs back in the day and focus grouped both in the US. The Americans chose the front of one concept and the rear of another. Combine the two and you had a weird hybrid that was widely consider ugly or at least dumb (although highly successful).

Did they focus group this sedan? Did people say, “wow that is such a dynamic bumper!”. Weird lines come from weird process?

OMG, it’s like they are all coming out of the closet at once. What’s with the new Mini Clubman?

I love the new Mini and the new new Mini. Great designs. Spot on in balancing retro with contemporary design. However, they seemed to through everything at the Mini Clubman (station wagon for those who remember the Brady Bunch). A RX8 style suicide door clutters up one side of the car, double rear doors clutter the back end. Toss in some weird two-tone paint just to make it look even more pasted together.

Another thing I don’t get is that small and lightweight are supposed to be the Mini DNA, right? That suicide door has to weigh more than just a lengthened 2-door layout. Those rear doors duplicate hardware like the rear wipers…that’s extra weight. Argh!

Anyways…I’m still anxious to see one in the flesh. Maybe I will warm to it.

The old one: