Weekly Sketching Challenge

Hi all, I am chigusa and I want to challenge myself by posting my weekly sketches (hopefully I have the persistence in doing this!) I will do multiple sketches and do the marker rendering until I am happy with the linework. I think my weakest part is my linework, so I put more effort on it. And for my marker rendering skills, I think it’s difficult to render on complex surfaces and transparent materials. I actually started doing the daily sketches at the beginning of 2019, but stopped for a while. I would like to pick it up again and gain more progress. Here’s some of my sketches, it would be great if anyone can leave a comment on it and I will try to improve it.

Hi, thank you for posting. Overall these are not bad. I like your use of gouache for the highlights, don’t overdo it though. Also before starting a drawing, think about what the most communicative view is for the product. Probably not upside down! You almost have the perspective right on the controller - not an easy design - keep practicing. And find a middle way between showing all construction lines or aiming for a clean drawing. I like how you sharpened the contours on the iron, that is definitely your best sketch.

You are right! My perspective is not very good and I think I always make my perspective very exaggerated. I sketched the iron for 3 times, that’s why it looks better???