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:smiley: :smiley: hi everybody, i am a high school student from China, but i live in Queensland,Australia now,i am in my last year of high school, love cars, my goal is getting into industrial design, Monash. i have no background of art, i’ll posting new work weekly, hope i could get some advice from you guys. thank you very much. :laughing: :laughing: i’ve got a intuos 4, but haven’t use it much, not used to drawing on it, also any software i should learn?

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First welcome to the boards. Posting your work up here is you first step to improving.

I will start with telling you to do some browsing through the coroflot portfolios. By doing this you will start to get a handle on how to create not only a well put together composed sketch, but most of all learn what makes a sketch a communication tool. Don’t be afraid to steal others style. You will learn what works for you.

Second, I would suggest you really work on the basics. If you are going to be doing weekly sketches, do some pages of of cube centric designs (radios, clocks, fridge, etc…) to learn perspective, the next week designs that focus on ellipses and so on. Like the old saying goes, “you have to crawl before you walk”. You need to learn the basics first. Hold off on the cars. They are very hard to sketch (I can’t sketch them) and until you get you basics down you will just pick up bad habits with them.

Hope this helps,


thank you very much, J. i’ll working on the basic stuff more.

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You ate showing some nice improvement! Keep going…

I’m really liking that there. I think I’m gonna really like these forums.

i am starting to prepare my application for uni, there is a industrial design + engineering design double degree. i really like industrial design, but the double degree seems to be a better choice for the future, industrial design needs 4 years course, and the double degree is 5 years course. but the balance in the double degree is 65% Engineering and 35% Industrial Design. i am not sure which one is better now, if i do the double degree, would i come out as a engineering designer rather than a industrial designer? For the application, they require a 8-10 pages portfolio, do you guys have any advice for me ? Thank you so much! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i made a wooden guitar and a guitar stand before, would it be good if i put it in my application portfolio?


Yes, definetly put it in your portfolio.

:laughing: :laughing: trying to learn some Solidworks to put in my uni application portfolio. A Leica with shoulder screen…

Welcome. First of all, if you really love cars, then maybe you should think about transportation design instead of ID, once you know more about car and car design, you’ll know the advantage starting trans design from freshmen year. But like the old says, TIAO TIAO DA LU TONG LUO MA, ID can also be a good start. and in some ways, ID students could have more fun and less pain than trans design students.

Intuos is great, I’m just using Bamboo… I’ll recommend you the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, useful and easy to learn software. Photoshop is the one you must have. and if you really into drawing, Painter 12 is the best so far.

BTW, Leica is good, and very close relate to car company. is that true the M9 designed by VW…?

Thanks man, I want to do trans design, but there is no trans design course in Australia, I think there’s only one ID course has catia program and trans related program, I’m thinking of finish my ID and study a master of trans in US or Europe.
Leica is design by Giugiaro,(his design company is owned by VW), there is one limited leica that design by the chief of Audi design.
By the way, are you Chinese?

yes, I’m from China, now studying in US.

drawing with Wacom seems so hard for me… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

working on my application portfolio to uni. two door sports car concept. :smiley: