Weekend find

Found these while exploring over the weekend. Haven’t decided if i am going to buy either, but the white one fits perfectly with the redesign of the bedroom that has dark wood, with a few pure white accents points.

Is the white one plastic? I’d snag it anyway. :slight_smile: If you have the right spot for it, then go for it man! Nothing better than a vintage store find. I picked up a Bertoia stool (knock off, but I was fine with it, it was a good knock off) at a little shop a few years ago because I had the right spot and need for it. When I moved I sold it on craigslist and kept it going.

Im stopping buy tonight to see if it is still there. never actually looked at the price on the white one… or even the material (i try to avoid my impulse buys :wink: they add up sometimes…

Looks great Chevis, too good of an opportunity to miss!

The white Eames chair is a nice find however there are plenty of knockoffs.

I found this great retro boutique while in Athens last week, the prices are pretty good too.

LOL, great name!