Weekend bag recommendations

I’m in need of a weekend bag and I thought I would ask for recommendations from people who have some taste.

Must be carryon size, 22x16x9. I lean more to duffel than messenger (I already have a Chrome bag). I’d like it to be under $200, but can be persuaded. No logos. No nylon. Must be different from other people’s bags.

I got a Herchel duffle 5 years ago that I’ve been happy with. They don’t make the exact model anymore. Mine has a couple of nice external pockets I like. Build quality has been solid.

About a year ago I committed to the Octovo Weekender. I really liked it and have been using it as carry-on luggage.
I snagged it half off in which case it would make it into your budget.
Especially digging the grey leather that has been aging beautifully and the titanium hardware.

A quick search however yielded no result and I am actually not sure Octovo is still in business :confused:

Since starting this thread, I now get a banner ad on this site from J.W. Hulme Co.

Lovely bags. But a canvas weekender for $1K is a bit too spendy. Although everyone knows we get into ID for the big bucks. I guess I’m cheap.

At $120, not a bad choice. Although mixing shoes with my clothes never bothered me.

Before reading the copy, I thought the compartment was for bunnies. :blush:

I’m surprised @NURB hasn’t posted. From the great state of Minehsotah, Frost River

You’ve got to give me some time!

There’s always the classic Duluth Pack:

Otherwise - There are deals to be had at Filson Outlet stores, too.

Everlane weekender:

Northface Base Camp (the backpack straps are nice)

Polar Duffles are nice (you can strap a skateboard to them with the understraps)

And the money is no option choice

I actually got two of these as well in different sizes. So does almost everyone I know.
When it comes to functionality/comfort/value, the Northface Duffel is hard to beat and I find myself picking that one instead quite often over the fancier option posted above.
But it’s a pretty sporty look so it can feel a bit out of place if your style is generally a bit more business.


Nice choices. For those expensive ones like KillSpencer and J.W. Hulme, I guess there is a market for “men’s” weekend bags like “women’s” purses.

Went with a company called Fagou. They planted a tree with my purchase, so I got that going for me.

French company and I am not certain because I have seen a couple of translations, it is either wool or a cotton to appear like wool. Really doesn’t matter though.

That’s a handsome choice!

That bag looks nice Ian, let us know what the build quality is like when you get it. I’m not usually a huge fan of crowdfunding projects, but my friend worked on this duffel: The Pakt One: The Only Travel Bag You’ll Ever Want | Indiegogo


Just finished up a project very similar to this. Designing a minimal weekender bag for discerning travelers. Military inspired with modern lifestyle features. We are working on a small limited production run that will be available in the next few months. More details on the site.

This bag looks pretty great if you got some spare cash…


There’s also a version meant to carry $1M in cash with RF shielding.


I’ve got a pretty basic Tumi duffel in Ballistic Nylon I use for weekend type activities. When flying though I stick with a carryon size Aluminum Rimowa Topas.


This one would have some pretty serious street cred…