wedding dress fabric

:confused: Can anyone recommend a place(s) where I might find high quality fabrics for a wedding dress in NYC without paying a fortune for it? I’d like some names to go on before I go hunting in the garment district.

Sorry, this may be a little outside our scope.


What kind of fabric? Satin? Taffeta? Lace? Tulle? Shantung?

Check out B&J Fabrics which would most likely be expensive, but then run over to Mood Fabrics which would be less expensive. Also check out Paron and the Paron Half Price Annex. All are in the fabric district. Most fabric stores have satin and tulle. If you mention what specifically you are looking for I can give you some more specific sources.

there are a number of online dealers that will send you swatches, might start trying there too.

sorry, i can’t remember any of the sites of hand.

also try the local boards on if you haven’t allready