websites that make you go "wow"

I have a feeling I haven’t seen them all…what companies, design firms, record labels, or even bands have the most clever websites…cool, clean and really easy to use…know of any?

I can’t remeber the last time I have seen a website that hasnt been done before…I guess it’s just too easy to do something fail safe

I was just checking out some licensor action… this caught my eye…

I like how the figures aren’t CG… nice.

hey these is a smart one:

I like this website ( ), I don’t think it really explains thier services very well but it keeps me interested. Its simple but effective I think.

Also if you’ve never seen Colors in motion ( - contact with domain owner | ) then check it out with your sound on. It’s great and very well designed. Check out the middle door (movies)

this was posted on the cover page of core, I won’t take credit for finding it, but it is sweet

Not cool or clean, and not always the easiest to navigate, but one of my faves: [[url]([url)]

Loved the matthew mahon site, thanks.

wow that site is SWEET!!!

thank you

check this one out…

“uncannyily” similar to…

and here I thought I was going to be the first person to rip it off…

seriously though I wouldn’t doubt if they were both done by the same person/people

the Bill Harvey one is a lot of fun, really not digging some of the music though