I thought I would post a link to my site. Two new chair lines, in production, will be added soon.


nice simple site, I like it. One thing, when I got to the last page that (finally) had your contact info, I was in the habit of clicking the forward arrow, and clicked it inadvertantly. Then the back arrow disappeared (because it looped to the beginning) so I had to flip all the way through again and I was going so fast to get to your contact info, I paged past it, and then no back arrow, sooooo…

yeah, gimme a back arrow on the first page once I’ve gone through the slides (set a true variable in .net once I’ve gone through the set )

I love the simplicity of it. Love it.

Very cool. Very simple. Very professional. Love it.

I really like the simplicity. Just one thing.
Because of my screensize I have to scroll down to the bottom to reach the arrows for each picture. It gets annoying after a while. Could you move them or autofit the page size to the browser?