Website where I can create a free montage/collage 4 prtflio?

I have a whole lot of sketches that I don’t want to put in my portfolio individually, but I would like to to create a few montages/collages of 50 or so various images…something very simple, all images the same size in something like a 10x5 or 6x8 format.
I have a found a few apps which PC users can download to create what I’m looking for, but I have a mac so they’re no use to me. I feel like this is such a basic thing I should be able to do it in a million different places and there may very well be a whole lot of sites out there that can do just this, I’ve just yet to find one.
any help would be much appreciated (asap as i’m hoping to get my app in the mail by mid-week).

thanks in advance.


Do you mean a grid layout of same-size images on a page? If so, you can do this very easily in InDesign. Create (aligned) boxes on the page, and then place (Ctrl+D) the sketches you´d like in the boxes. The added advantage is that you don´t have to crop the original images; simply change the layout using links to the images. Is that the kind of thing you´re thinking of?

yeah, that sounds like the type of thing i’m looking for…something very basic and easy to do (basically take 50 or so images and throw them all together into one large image without having to crop, etc).
is Indesign free? can i use it with a max?


Photoshop has a nice (though sterile) contact sheet creation function. If you don’t have access to it, a friend might? Or school? I’m not familiar with any freeware that does this. (iPhoto maybe? I never looked)

Have you tried Picasa (google)? It’s free and it has an auto collage feature, doesn’t have much in terms of settings though.

unfortunately, my free trial to photoshop has come and gone (i couldn’t figure out how to use it anyways)
I believe to download picasa you need windows…I have a mac.

InDesign isn´t free (it´s part of the Adobe series) but yes, it works on Mac.

I just found a scrapbooking site ( that is free and does pretty much exactly what I want…the only problem is that you can only save final images (compilations) in one sz and it’s not quite as big as I would like (I’d like the portfolio viewers to be able to zoom in and see details).
unless i can find something better, this is what i’ll probably end up going with.