Website v2.0

Having returned from a few months away, I felt it was time that my website deserved a good old facelift. I am back in the game looking for both freelance and full-time projects so, given how tough it is out there right now, please feel free to be as (constructively) harsh as you like… The feedback is very much welcomed.

Thanks in advance…

Overall I’d say it looks like a nice, clean site, easy to use. when browsing through the portfolio, I think it is a bit awkward to have that blank “back to portfolio” space when you are not rolling over an image. I think there is another solution there. It is good to have your year of completion on your education entries.

I really like the “Made in Vietnam” project. It shows the importance of being able to sketch and think on the fly. Your sketching could improve, and I wouldn’t necessarily start your site with just that shoe sketch on the home page. Also, you have a lot of different kinds of experience, maybe break the portfolio out into “product design” and “graphic design”

Thanks Yo that was really helpful feedback.

Education dates now included and I’ve flipped the image on the home page to a CAD render for now. I wasn’t really happy with the other image in that location anyway as it doesn’t say much about my work - but I guess I needed a prod to make me change it. I really want to have a more up-to-date image on the home page so as I expand my portfolio I intend to get something a bit more exciting here.

Other people have commented on the location of the ‘back to portfolio’ link on the portfolio pages so I will give this some thought.

The issue I have with breaking my portfolio into product and graphics is that I want to push more in the product direction and I am afraid of being pigeon-holed into graphics. But again, I will give this some thought.

And I will work on my sketching…