Website update?


  • You’re a PRO! Focus on your website, bro!
  • Dude, nobody’s heard of you. Save the Lincolns & invest them in pencils for all the sketching you need to do.
  • Both! You need all the links for SEO & shit for all that march you’re gonna move!

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I’ve had a personal/side gig/portfolio/whateveryoucallit website for since ever. I’ve gone through a number of different design strategies finally winding up with Wordpress a few years ago. I’ve become less than enamored with it. My long-time web host started bundling Weebly into their control panel/service about a year ago, and this week I decided to start tinkering around with it. It’s SUPER easy, but of course, also SUPER limited. Although it does have e-commerse built-in. Yes, I know you can do that with Wordpress. I tried. I have a few things I’ve made/am making/am planning on making and I only have a couple blog posts worth transferring, so I thought it might be worth switching template platforms.

So as I’m uploading, copy/pasting, brainstorming ideas for new content, I start thinking - do I really need a web site?

Am I really going to sell anything were I to actually ever have time to make anything? Is anybody really going to give a shit about anything I post on my blog were I to actually even do that?

And if I’m going to be this limited by a template should I just upload my stuff to coroflot & be done with it & save the $5mo? I mean it does “seem” a bit more “professional” to have your own domain, but is it that big of a deal? I kinda want to keep it, but I also don’t know that it’s worth the time.

Well, I think it just depends on what your end goal is. If you want to continue to build your own design consulting business and/or sell your own things it is obviously handy. If you buy Adobe CC, check out their web building tools.

I got rid of the blog portion of my site because I find just posting articles to Linked In to be better and easier to track.

Have noticed a trend with younger consultants having a super minimal site that basically points to instagram and linked in.

hmm. interesting. LinkedIn has become my go-to social media of late. Interesting Engineering posts really have me hooked! I just wish there was more creative/design/engineering stuff going on there. I am morbidly attracted to the business aspect of design tho. I suppose I envision myself selling my own designs/design services some day, and LinkedIn/Insta do have a much broader reach than my website… thanks, yo

Maybe one way to think of your site then is just to validate your positioning. I’m surprised how much contact we get from the website from people I worked with 15-20 years ago who don’t have my current contact info. So I think having something can be valuable, but I feel like we don’t get a lot of new contacts through the site and the ones we do get are usually no to low budget startups that have next to nothing figured out or planned other than “I want to start a shoe brand”…


hahah YES! that’s my market! :grimacing: