Website up... Feedback Please

Let me know what you guys think… :smiley:

honestly, I hate the scrolling. Don’t make me view your work at your speed. Let me browse at my own pace. It’s not different or cool or impressive, it’s clunky. Either let me click and grab to scroll (there are plenty of free jquery / flash packages that have this functionality) or make the whole page to scroll horizontally, though vertical is preferred.

Your work looks like it has potential, but I didn’t get a chance to really look at most of it while waiting for the content to scroll too fast to actually look at as it’s going by, but too slow to hold my interest.

One of my favorite portfolio sites that I think does everything right :

try clicking with mouse wheel in content frame… brings up scroller that you can control speed. But thanks for the input. Is first site I have designed and have not taken a web design class.

Ah, see. This is an important lesson in web design. I’m using a macbook pro and I don’t have a clickable mouse wheel, just a gestural swipe to scroll (which obviously doesn’t work). Don’t assume all your users have the same computer- always test on a wide variety of different computers. And the clickable mouse wheel, is not an intuitive, commonly used aspect of user interface design IMO, so it most likely won’t easily be discovered before your users are frustrated.

Isn’t web design fun?! I have a love hate relationship with it- I’d really rather leave it to the pros. I know many people simply use wordpress. I also like a CMS called concrete (google it).

Get rid of that scrolling thing!

That is the most annoying portfolio set up ever.

I made it through the product stuff, barely, glancing at it along the way.

I could’t bear to do it with furniture and sketching sections.

You have some great work. Put it into thumbnail pages I can click on so I can choose what to spend time on.

The scrolling makes my eyes hurt. There’s some nice work here, but please consider the thumbnail idea above.

I do like the feel of the white space.