website teaser

hey everyone I just made a website as a portfolio teaser and im looking for
feedback, heres the link, thanks ahead!

As a teaser I think it works pretty well, but I would love to see some sketches.

I agree sketches and renderings that aren’t made in a 3d program and that show a progression of how you came to your idea(s). Anybody that learn a 3d apps, can do 3d renderings… you need to add depth to your design.

ok thanks guys, I’ll put some sketches on there, I guess I was just trying to go for the whole only hot render teaser site. I’m not sure about showing much process because I want to save that for the portfolio but I think yo’ure right in adding some sketches, thanks for the input!

for sure on the sketches… and the printer does not seem to fit. It looks a bit dated.