Website review

I am doing the new website, still a few things to fix but general comments would be great.


The CGI looks pretty sweet, very real and quality renderings.
What rendering software did you use?
Where is your “services we provide” section?
Not quite sure what you offer, just renderings and portrait drawings?

The design of the site is a WordPress template called “Uncode”. Not sure what you want comments on?

Step 1: Change copy from the template.
Step 2: Ask for feedback on a template you can’t change.
Step 3: ?

You have some nice rendering, but the sketches of animals completely confuse any messaging you’re trying to get across. Are you a student? A consultancy? A freelancer looking for work?

If you’re going to use a template make sure it matches the messaging you want to get across.

Trying to get an agency look that does lots of different sectors and styles, yes it is template I have had trouble making websites in the past. Good point about the services tab, that’s a useful comments, thanks for looking.

I think this works great as a website - good use of screen space with minimally required scrolling, except on the contact page.
The only remark I have about the website is that it sometimes jumps when the menu bar appears.

It’s a WP theme so work on branding it first, then ask for feedback.
I agree that the illustrations, while they are not bad, confuse a bit from the work you do because your renderings are what sets you apart.