Website portfolio

Here’s the link to my portfolio website:

It’s all university work but I landed a placement a couple of weeks ago, so some proper commercial stuff will be going on at some point.

Any thoughts? :smiley:

Really love your work!

One minor niggle about the navigation… You don’t have a link back to your home/navigation page from each of your project pages. Just make your name in the top left a link back to ‘home’.

Good luck with your placement. you got talent!

You work is good but I do have some input on the presentation.

Don’t use progressive jpg’s. They are really annoying. Do you really want people to see your work out of focus, even for a few seconds? Also, progressive jpg’s do take a bit more to load. (Of course I’m on DSL so its not that noticable.)

Some of your projects have 7 samples. That’s too much. Pick just 3. If someone sees 7 choices the will either pick none or just look at the first 3.

Ah! I just noticed the ‘home’ link

Didn’t have my browser window open wide enough to see it.

Think you should put it on the left

is the home page so plain on purpose… maybe I’m just not seeing it in full. The work looks great though