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In our portfolio class, we are encouraged to create a “teaser” to send to potential employers along with our resume and a cover letter. Printing individual envelopes, cover letters, resumes, and creating this teaser is very very time consuming, and it is hard to keep the craftsmanship consistent on everything without making a few of them.

To me, sending an email along with an attached pdf of my resume and link to a website is more practical and serves the same purpose. This is my first attempt at a website. i don’t know how to use flash, so i stumbled through just getting an html site up. I only put up 3 projects, because I felt like, if this is a “teaser” I didn’t want to reveal everything, because when I go to an interview I won’t have anything new to show. I’d really like some feedback, not only on the website, but more importantly …

1-Is it better to send hard copies of resumes and work samples through snail mail or does a simple email do the job?

2-Should I be worried about revealing ALL of my work on my website? Even though I wouldn’t have any new projects to show, I would still be able to go into more depth with the process of each.


Sending hard copies that all correlate to a specific “hire me/check out my stuff” theme lets them know you don’t mind trying a little harder. Everyone and their brother sends a form letter email and a pdf of samples. This sets you apart. It may take time, but in the end you will probably get more offers from the paper copy people, than with the ones who only got a PDF that took 1/2 a second to delete.

by the way… whats more important? Your work and resume? Or your ability to illustrate a face?

Seems to be a conflict with your statement of purpose…

your website is a joke!!!
let me remind you that a portfolio is to showcase your best work in order to get you a job.
however, in your case your case it seems you have no hope in hell in getting any positive replies.

Is that a picture of you? A self portrait? =)
I could shit on paper and make an image look better than your attempt.
As you have quoted ’ A designer does not draw pretty pictures’ In your case you need to first of all learn to draw.

However, in life we are all given second chances, so take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

All the best

Triplus’s top ten constructively critical quotes:

10-i mean great, u use a wacom tablet it makes you feel special

9-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, y does it have a spaceship on the roof?

8-it would be great presentation on that squishy spotty ummm… thing

7-the only thing your site exemplifies is that youre a big big wanker

6-I could shit on paper and make an image look better than your attempt

5-i think that IDSA should stand for Industrial Designers that Suck Arse.

4-Overall, good work but maybe you should consider furthur studies or a career change

3-i nearly had a friggen seizure when i saw this web site, i cant help but feel that you would benifit by maybe taking a couple of years off work to clean up your skills (and your website)

2-I think you should take that gold medal and shove it up your arse. IDSA is a joke.

1-i’m not usually the type to criticise people.


ehhhhh… designrz KNOWS that his stuff doesn’t kill but still, he shows it to us to get some constructive critique, pretty brave if you ask me!!

but what about you triplus?? where is your stuff then???
You have to be A HELL of a sketch-master or your just pathetic…

so please, bring it on!!

designrz ignore any comments that you don’t find usefull…that’s including mine and anyone else’s.

i personally think your work has potential but it just seems like you’re not showing it to the max.

first of all i think your site is too static, i’m not saying that you have to make a flash created site or anything but give it some flare, as in, make our eyes wonder round it instead of just making it very geometric where everything is in place and we don’t have to explore anything. i think portfolio sites have to catch our attention, there has to be font that makes us want to read what is written, image layout that keeps us wanting to see more and helps move our eyes from one image to another, colours that help us focus on things better. when i open your site my eyes don’t move around the page, i almost didn’t even notice the text on the left hand side i juct clicked randomly on the images without paying much attention to what i was clicking on…sorry if i’m being too honest!

second of all i think your sketches/drawings are more like illustrations, they’re almost like paintings. nothing wrong with that but when i think of sketches i think of a drawing where you can tell the desginer couldn’t wait to get an idea on to paper, so sometimes they can look very rushed or unrealistic but they still give you a great idea of what the designer wanted to communicate. most of all they’re dynamic and full of energy.

lastesly your resume page: nothing is jumping out at me, it’s all sitting there and i don’t know what to read first.

i seriously think you have to concentrate on page layout and once you change a few things your work will gain from it too.

I agree. It’s better to post the stuff to get pointers and improve upon it. Jelena has some great comments, he would not have gotten those if he didn’t have the courage to post his work.

Triplus is nothing but a heckler. He’s never posted a positive or helpful post since he/she has joined. So you can pretty much discount his words.

you have good ideas I think, enough with the evil comments people…you should work on your visual sensibility …your teasers are not pretty…or nicely crop…you need to understand what part of your object that is beautiful then crop it…the quality of your work is mediocre…push yourself more …push your work quality up…that is all you need …if you work quality goes up…everything else will go up…don’t be afraid of the challenge …if u really want to be a good designer… u can do it….you need more focus and practice…

I’m glad someone else picked up on the list of randomly discouraging comments… this will change though.

hahaha, jeez yo take it easy, I could get the impression you are on a power trip…

I’m greatly offended that you think my comments are random, many people feel that I contribute justified, constructive criticism…

“I could shit on paper and make an image look better than your attempt”

where’s the constructive criticism again?

Power trip. I assume you are speaking to the fact that I just became mod in here and have been deleting your posts? No power trip, just taking out the trash.

Your posts seem like the random vents of a frustrated designer, or a frustrated wannabe designer. If they are anything above that, prove it. You say the things you do, and then have the gaul to be offended by me calling you out as random? Issues dude, serious issues.

I’d like to hear from some of these people that feel you are justified in discouraging students who are trying to learn and get feedback. You’ve suggested that some students leave the field before they have even finished their education. Who are you that you feel you have the ability to tell someone something like that?

If you would like to receive any further constructive criticism from me, you can PM me, the other things I have to say about you don’t need to be read by the public.