Website / portfolio revision

I made the site more straight forward. I also did away with anything that screamed “this was made in flash!” One criticism I read constantly is about generic loading screens and progress bars, so I started showing work during the loading process.

Let me know what you think. THANKS!!


Very nice, clean interface but I don’t think theres enough information for the clicker-happy visitor. Also, the top and bottom images’ nonclickability frustrates me :wink:

I really like the idea of showing work instead of a loading bar :slight_smile:

I was wondering how people may react to the no-link images. Once I get a few more projects in presentable form, I will use those. Thanks for the input!

As for being click-happy, would it be better to have multiple pages per project by breaking up the information?

It’s a lovely site, ditto to what was said before: clean, well-organized, easy to navigate.

My major suggestions:

-It looks like the only thing you can do once you’re on an individual project page is go back to home, or go to the resume. Your typical reader is going to want to see home page, project, project, project, project, resume. Navigation buttons should allow this, either with a Next/Previous option, or tabs or thumbnails or something that allow you to get from one project to the next without going back home. Also it makes less sense to have a Resume link on every project page but not the home page.

-The nice rendering of your nightclub table is not in perspective, and that’s jarring. Re-render, or distort it in PS.

-The photocomposites on the Kiosk page are cool, but too small. Make them clickable to give a larger pop-up, perhaps? This is the internet after all…we have the technology.

-I have no idea how the Blindspotter works. Show the cameras. Or a mocked-up driver’s-eye view. Or something. Right now it’s just a picture and a paragraph saying you designed something. The fact that you’re in Chicago but have a car with Euro plates looks kind of affected.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the input! That was exactly what I was looking for.

To go with your comment about bigger images, I’m planning on making almost every image selectable to enlarge.

Thanks again

Alright. I’ve made navigation a breeze between projects, added perspective to the martini table, added linked close-ups of the kiosk photos, and added 3 easter egg pages accessed only by finding the 3 hidden links in my project pages (just for fun).

i will upload the changes this afternoon.

I think it’s a definite improvement – anyone else? Navigation buttons are clear and easy, and the right/left/house trio is intuitive. Nice work.

Smaller things to nitpick now: the circle icon that takes you to the resume/CV is lovely but not at all obvious. Is it possible to make it clearer that this is clickable?

Also, I am in the habit of clicking “back” on my browser to get out of a pop-up image, but since the site’s all in Flash, this takes me back to the load screen, which is frustrating. Can this be addressed?

I looked at the kiosk project like 6 times before realizing you had a map imbedded in the bottom part, and other info on the back. Might want to re-work your screen layout to make this clearer.

Longer term – I still have no idea how Blindspotter works. Needs re-design, I think.

Still a pretty site though.

it’s getting there.

  1. I will probably drop the blindspotter page as it was only a quick concept, not
    a full project.

  2. good point on the contact page link. wouldn’t want anyone to miss that

  3. i’m not sure how to get around the “back” button problem. i’ll have to check
    into that
    thanks for the honesty

I used my name on the main page as the link to my info/resume instead of the icon.

Also added more information to that page including a photo, although i’m not sure how long that will stay there. Not sure if i like having a photo of myself on the site (cheesy?).

Email link on info page pulses to call attention to it now

Some other suggestions:

  • You might want to change the title of the splash page, it is now ‘welcome.gif’. Not very search-engine friendly :slight_smile:

  • When I was viewing your site on a slower connection, after I clicked the splash image, I thought nothing but a white screen had appeared. Only after a couple seconds the page-border started appearing. You might want to consider changing this or at least showing something that tells the user the page has loaded.

  • Maybe make it a little more clear that your name is clickable by animating it. I’m thinking something really subtle like a glow or shimmer every couple of seconds. (a bit like the email-link but maybe a little less obvious)

  • You might want to rethink the picture of yourself. Im not saying it’s bad, but think about how you want to ‘brand’ yourself and how you want other people to perceive you and pick an image that fits that.

Lastly, the mistake I usually make is not to keep in mind that later projects need to be added and there needs to be room for that. Keep your site organized so you don’t get lost in the flashfile when you try adding something a couple months later :smiley:

I agree with those points. I was worried about the picture and the link to my info. Thanks again.

  1. Ditch the picture chugging wine. Seems juvenile. I enjoy a good glass of wine as much as the next guy, but screams unprofessional.

Have a friend shoot some “candid” headshots. You don’t want a mugshot, you don’t want a profile.

If you must have a picture of yourself, let everyone see what you look like. Otherwise ditch the picture.

  1. I hit the back button, before I figured out how to navigate. Make your buttons more obvious. Even subtle “next” “prev” “home” would be nice.

After I looked at your work I asked How the hell do I get a hold of this guy?

I know you’re going for sleek and subtle, but if you want to get noticed make it obvious where we need to go to talk to you.

Hope that helps. Overall look is pleasing. I would get rid of the non-clickable images. They look like a mistake to me.

One more thing. Speed up the info animation and/or allow us to skip it altogether. And change the title of your page to michael… / industrial… etc.

Sorry, man. Found another thing.

List your objective as a statement, not just your “title”

Get rid of the list of programs you know as “Professional Skills”
In fact I would ditch all of that. To me it just looks like filler.

I also want to see what your responsibilities were at your jobs. Do you just answer phones for the Design Engineering department at your current job? I didn’t think so. What do you do there then?

Did you come up with your design philosophy quote? If you didn’t, site who said it first. It really reads like a famous quote.

Same can be said about your life philosophy quote.

Ok, I really feel like I’m ripping you apart here. Kudos to you for posting this for review. I think in the end you’ll be happier with the result.

NURB, if there’s one thing designers need to get used to, I would say it’s criticism. Thanks for the honesty. The more feedback I get, the better, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

Thanks man!

oh and as for the quotes, unless I heard them somewhere and don’t realize, they’re just my thoughts.

Tough skin is a good trait to have in this business.

ok i think i’m done with the site for now. I need to concentrate on getting more projects in presentable form first. i feel like i’m turning into a web designer. thanks for all of the help