Website Portfolio Review

Hi Guys, I recently updated my website and I was hoping to get some input on my work and presentation.

Just wanted to throw this out there that I sat for a second thinking your home page would auto load into the rest of the content; I didn’t realize immediately that I had to click to enter (it could just be me). Didn’t get much of a chance to review your work yet, but if I do I’ll chime in with suggestions.

Thanks, I’m currently using a template but I’ll look into the codes I need for that.


I’ll throw some pointers your way which I wish someone had explained to me early on, but obviously a lot of it is personal taste:

  • Text rarely gets read on a portfolio. In your Mosaic project, your persona for “Micki” could be explained stronger through iconic imagery, as opposed to text. Who is she? Why does she do what she’s doing? Those are far more interesting than her age, location, etc.

  • Explain the “why.” Tell a compelling story about the work you did.Often in school designers just show the “what” and “how.” In your prototype review with her, explain what you learned/changed/iterated on, it’s an important part in the process and I think you can do it more justice.

  • Scale and context are incredibly important. Show your products with people. Real people preferably. It’s good to see rough process, but the final product gains a sense of tangibility to it when shown in someone’s hands, especially for the DSLR camera project.

As far as your site goes, I’ll agree with what awjj posted, the splash page should ask the viewer to enter your site. It wasn’t immediately obvious that I needed to click to enter. Personally, I’d blow up the thumbnails larger for each project as well.

Your sketches section is good, you should play it up a bit more, and if you really enjoy/are interested in automobile design, I’d suggest pursuing it further and really practice hard on it.

For your resume, the drawings on there are definitely interesting and different, adds a nice personal feel. The “soft skills,” you have listed are probably unnecessary, a potential employer will expect you to be empathetic, team-oriented, organized, and calm at a minimum. Let those traits show themselves at an interview.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Luke, Your points are definitely a great help I’ll get on the corrections ASAP