Website Portfolio Input

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a first crack at setting up a website for my portfolio. It can be seen here:

I’m thinking of adding a welcome or something on the main page, it feels a bit like it needs something more, although I like the simplicity. The about me page is also still in progress to read more like a cover letter.

Some feedback on things you like/don’t like would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know about a welcome page, but I’d suggest re-thinking the first impression.
On first launching the page to the column of grayed out images I got the impression it was a work in progress.

Think about where you want the person to look, where their eye is going. Grayed-out or darkened images ‘suggest’ that I have to roll over to have something happen, but its not the same as ‘inviting’ a viewer.

Agree with Slippyfish about the graying out. Less dramatic could get the “accent” feel you want.

I don’t think there should be a welcome, it would just be another hoop to jump through/click instead of seeing your work.

The first 3 projects have a good cohesive feel, but the Microsoft Aircraft is much less organized. I think organizing and showing insights with the sketches + using the same font would help.

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback slippyfish and Robbie_roy, its appreciated. Apologies that it has taken so long to respond.

I’ve since updated the site again, to what I think is a cleaner and easier layout. Feedback is always the best way to progress, both the website and the work being shown. There will be a few more projects being added in the next month or so, as my folio seems a bit empty at the moment, but they aren’t finished yet.

Hopefully I would be able to get some more input to my portfolio. Fry away.

(The link again:


Hey Andrew,

I think you’ve got some great process and graphics, but it seems like your thoughts get lost in all the black text. Unfortunately people rarely read text when skimming through portfolios and you can hardly blame them; I do the same. I’d suggest that you try and hit all the big design moments in some kind of easy to understand graphic and keep taking away text until you can’t anymore. You’re also great at 3d modeling and rendering, but your menu bar takes up so much room to the left of the page that you can’t display the images and graphics as large as they deserve. Hope that helps, keep it up!

Hi David,

Thanks for your input. I do agree on the text. It is perhaps too large as well after looking at it on a different screen. I’ll give it an edit a bit later and see how it reads.

Hi all,

I’ve updated the layout of my website portoflio, and your opinions on the new style would be really helpful. I think that there could be more cohesion between the content and the layout, which is what I am working on now, but I cant upload any new images for another week, as I’m over my internet quota! I’ve hidden the resume download link so that you don’t unintentionally begin a download.

Any feedback for the content would also be greatly appreciated!