Website Launched!

Hi All,

has a design and photography section - feed back would be great

had to reset my account - not my first post

Some work from the site

Sick renders… do you just do 3d viz or do you design stuff, too? I’m not getting much of a story for any of the projects, and I’m having a hard time remembering any of the projects.

i’m in the process of adding information that pops up over image - site still in progress.

all this is my work or where a team effort was involved i am adding my role in the process.

this time around im showing the final product - not the process.

looking at making a group of images in each section and when clicked on, opening up to a project page - with various images of the final product with a brief overview on the side. Till this time the images with basic information.

thank you for your feedback

Conceptual Photoshop rendering

Mobile version of site now online!