website host - help

hi, who is a good, cheap web host? I’ve seen some of the free ones but they have limits on how many images you can show.

do most use dreamweaver to set these up. just looking to do something real simple. who/what do you recommend? thanks.

Apply for Cargo Collective. Very easy to set up. Many themes. Great interface. Apply here: Cargo.

Indexhibit is also okay. Squarespace is also good (although not free).

Unless you are very adept at HTML or want to spend the (HUGE amount of) time learning it and CSS, you shouldn’t make your own website. Dreamweaver is crap and produces crap websites with bad code that will make your life very tough. I’ve been programming since middle school, so I chose to design/code my own website from scratch.

thanks tarngerine. i will check out cargo, looks like they give you the same as a paid website except your own domain name. I looked into indexexhibit a while ago but it looked like it required you to use their coding or scripting to set it up. looked a little daunting to me since I am new with html .

Daniel- the paid upgrade is essentially web hosting right? So all I’d need after that is a domain name? I’ve got a cargo account but I’m pretty clueless as to how to get it looking legit.

It does, thanks!