Website for 2010!

I just finished this guy @ 7AM last night (or is it morning). Over a week of Photoshopping, coding (straight HTML, CSS, Jquery), debugging, optimizing and writing. I am proud to unveil my 2010 portfolio.

Still working on the about me page. Comments, critiques, and advice are welcome!

Okedokey well as its my lunch break I’ve had a quick look, and got some of my colleagues opinions.

The overal lasting impression is you come across as arrogant. This is entirely down to the writing style. There are few scentences and items that rang alarm bells among my co-workers:

(1) The hire me graphic. We could see this being interpreted in one of two ways, either the “oh a novel contact button” or as if some one was screaming “look at me look at me”. We interpreted it as the latter

(2) The Bio. As you mentioned you haven’t finished this section but this next scentence killed it :

Area; designer; artist; > overachiever> ; > ambitious dreamer

In addition a few other examples :

Just look at my projects and resume for now, > k> ?

Full version coming soon to an Internets near you (because I don’t have any decent, professional headshots)

Dance, bowling, fashion design, entertainment design, concept art, physical interfaces, product branding, tactile/audial feedback, > clementines, the smell of fabric softner

Couldn’t I just put this tiny amount of information in the header so you don’t have to click a link to get to it? I guess I could. > Maybe I could make an email form for those who are too lazy to copy & paste and then use their webmail / email client> .

There are quite a few other examples littered in project subsections, the hither was really annoying to read.

Humour, personality and confidence are great but there is a fine line. Humour in our opinion should be avoided until you have the job. You don’t know the person your sending this out to and have noway to guage how they might react. In addition you will be heading into the professional world, where you have to act … professional this should be show in the portfolio, website and in the interview.

The positives:

Very nice CV layout we were able to extract the information quickly.

Better than average sketching ability

Graphic design and interface is by far your strongest skillset.

Chef project was a nice insight, nice execution (could of been a little more exciting than a rectangle but this is being picky)

Hope that helps, best of luck with the hunt for internships

point well taken. i guess i’ll censor myself a little more.

That is a tough one, because I really like the lighter feel to your site and your copy. I don’t take it as arrogant, it seems much more self effacing if anything. It does take confidence to poke fun at yourself. Either way, it is memorable that is for sure. Sure it could be smoothed a touch, but it is far from offensive in my view.

Question is, do you want to work for people that don’t get your sense of humor anyway? It’s probably going to come out in the interview, so might as well get it out on the table as soon as possible. If you make it bland text, you eliminate the risk of offending, but do you run the risk of not catching people’s attention. At least you know this way if they read it!

The parts Sketchme highlighted seem weird and might be a turnoff for me as well. But, overall I found the site pretty endearing and fun. “Hire me!” I would think that places expect such enthusiasm from a student or junior designer. I like the front page. I don’t mind the subtitles making fun of design realms. Maybe it’s because I’m not a jaded industry vet yet? In fact, you have me seriously considering spicing up my own stoic modern web site a bit.

Good luck (and I’m still a student to take my opinion for what it is).

reading the quotes, i as put off.

but (not sure if you’ve changed it since), i really dig the site and content. some great depth, breadth and good process. everything i would look for.


That’s something I wrestled with while writing some of the copy. If the economy were in a better situation, I would definitely just go all out and show my personality/sense of humor. But I think in the current state, I might have to hold back a little. The about me page will definitely showcase my humor when I finish it, though.

R - yeah, I removed most of the quotes. Except clementines and fabric softner, cause those are essential parts of me.

I think a lot more refining should be in order. Got more work to do now, hooray.

Would it not be better to show personality through your design work and presentation of the folio, that way the employer can see how it affects your design work?

Work on your ellipses and perspective. They are off in alot of the sketches.
I would practice drawing people or trace photos of people in the positions you need.


This looks exactly like DigitalMash’s website.

Nice site Julius! I found it very easy to navigate through all your work. Is there a link for a downloadable pdf version? Just wondering since I know I’ve heard some people mention they like a pdf copy to print or email.

Not sure how much has changed since the initial comments, I spent most of my time looking at the visuals and didn’t spend too much time on the copy, but from what I did read I thought you came off as someone with a lot of energy and a lot of genuine excitement about design. I guess it can be a fine line though, and it serves as a good reminder to me too as I start to put my site together. Potential employers are tying to determine if you’re the sort of person that they want to sit next to for 8 hours for 3 months, so too much personality could kill it; but too little could look equally suspect.

By exactly do you mean a slight resemblance? I wouldn’t say exactly, and be careful what that implies.

That said, that digital mash site is super nice, I’m taking some notes for my own site for my next set of revisions.

Yeah I agree with Yo here on this one.

There are some striking resembelences but it’s far from being a straight copy which I think was being implied. I wouldn’t worry about it too much we all take cues from other things, I’ve done it myself, espcially for when it comes to presentation work I have a stack of advertisement images which I use for inspiration and help.

That DigitalMash is a cracking website though just love how he uses the font. Surprised he hasn’t been mentioned before on here. . . or if he has cant believe i’ve missed it.


Let me rephrase to “looks a little too similar” to Digital Mash’s website (at least for my taste).

I only say this because in the web/interaction design world, Digital Mash is one of the most well known portfolios out there. It’s also equally well known for getting its design ripped off numerous times and making a scene about it. I understand completely about taking inspiration from other designs, I do it all the time, but that’s the first thing I noticed when I saw your website and I’m sure others will too.

I guess I’m also biased because I liked your old website better :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha i know dude. i was looking at his site the whole time i was coding mine and i think i took a little too much. my previous site was based off khoi vinh’s site. its okay though. i dont mind it looking similar. i coded it from scratch :[ and im not as dumb as that dude who copied everything.

really? i dont like my old site at all. its so boring.

regarding a printable pdf version: i should probably do that

Aviary tarng-com Picture 1.png
This is the only place you have Times on your front page (other than the italics under Industrial… etc.) Is this intentional? Looks a tad out of place.

This is what the header looks like on my machine.

I’m using Firefox 3.5.7 currently.

Other than that. The site looks great. Professional, clean. That Digital Mash site is incredible though. Definitely taking notes on that one.

So I’m poking around Digital Mash, looking at how he did a few things, and I come across this link in one of his style sheets.
(The guy does some amazing ASCII stuff, too by the way, which is completely commendable)

I guess the lesson here is don’t rip off other people’s sites.

Ok, back to

Hmm. that’s supposed to be georgia just like the rest of the site.

i’ll look into the effed up navigation, too.



Just checked it in FF 3.5.7. It renders fine for my browser.

Don’t know what’s up with the Times thing either…

It was AdBlock Plus…it works now, but I’ve still got some Times stuff going on.

Hey, was looking through some of your stuff on one of the discussions and on your website and I really liked your sketches.

Small world though, came across your Transformer rendering from last year and realized that I was at your final show at Art Center and probably met you as well (I’m a friend of Jun’s).

Anyways, I’m interested to see how your Project Modai turns out; it seems a bit broad at the moment, although I realize you just started it recently. I worked on a similar project an year ago and unfortunately it didn’t pan out as I had hoped so I’m definitely interesting to see where this project takes you.

Good luck!