website feedback!

hello everyone! I just published version 3.0 of my website, feel free to take a look.
Any feedback is appreciated!

I’m looking at the website on an iPad, so I can only give feedback for viewing on a tablet. A lot of your images are misaligned and are all different sized within each project folder. Some are on the left, some the middle, some the right, some full bleed, some small, some big etc which I find very visually distracting. Try to make each page follow a reasonably consistent layout, with proper alignments so that the reader doesn’t need to readjust to every page. You want your work to stand out and the website design to help, not hinder.

How have you built the website? I would recommend using a template driven builder like Squarespace, as it has built in layouts. By all means customise to suit your own identity, but it’s a good place to start.

From an ID perspective,I feel that your projects are lacking content at the moment, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve explored very many ideas. Each folder consists of a short problem statement, a quick sketch of the final solution and then a render. I want to see how and why you came to the solution that you did, and not just the first thing that you thought of.

There’s a great guide for portfolio building from the University of Cincinnati with advice and examples for creating your actual content. Also have a look around Behance and coroflot to see what’s working layout wise for other projects and take design cues from them.

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing! Next time post to the portfolio section.
Overall you have a decent work portfolio, it mostly needs more focus and depth to achieve more complete designs.
I see potential for a furniture designer but you also have a knack for consumer products.
Your best project is V-flex both for the concept, some user research integration and the visualizations. Also think about branding and your products being part of a business’ strategy towards the future.
With your project work we need to see more explorations in order to be able to understand and discuss your design rationale.
Especially your coffee table project - it is nice but there is so much space to explore form typologies and materials. What if for example we let the tubing protrude through the table top?
Bora is an example of a successful sprint with a decently presented, even if a little boring, design.
It is good that you explore technology concepts as well, but seek to integrate these more towards a more complete ID project.
What I have learned over the years as well is that product, graphic design and photography are overlapping but still different professions, and it is good to choose one and commit to it.

I am a passionate web designer, I have designed many websites, but my first project was