Website Feedback

So I’m looking for some good feedback particularly on the layout of my site. What are some things is it doing well? What is hard to understand? What might the first impressions be from an employers standpoint? What is the clarity and flow like?

The reason I want layout feedback in particular is that I know my content isn’t as good as it could be. I am getting my Masters in Industrial Design, but my undergraduate degree was in manufacturing engineering, thus I only have a few years of ID work under my belt, essentially everything that is on the site.

Thank you!


A few structural things based on the fragments and over worked mind of a hiring manager:

  1. get rid of the splash page
  2. first page should be an index of your work (every additional click is a chance for abandonment, get them to your work)
  3. set up the work page to get people to click projects, right now I just scroll to the bottom and am like “what else?” then go back up to click projects
  4. make about you a menu item. Once I click through some work I’ll then decide if it is worth the time to read about you, not the other way around.

Hope this helps! The flow is important. Make it as easy as possible for people to evaluate your work.

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Just a few additional quibbles:

Your skill bubbles. Are you really in the best category for those things you claim? It might be a personal preference, but those sort of graphics do just irritate me. Showing you make great prototypes is worth so much more than putting 5 bubbles claiming you’re good at prototyping.

I don’t understand the “My Design Process” graphics. I don’t understand why it is even there. Is your design process anything special? Why is it relevant? Who should read it? People looking to hire a designer probably know a bit about design. Also why is it a circle, how does the last step lead into the first?

I feel like every time you have to say “Click on the images below to view …” is a failure in communication. The links themselves should show they are clickable and where they will take you.

Just from a flow perspective, it would be better without the splash page and having the information immediately available when opening a new page without having to scroll down would be better. Also your resume information is repeated.

From a design point of view I like some of your explorations and product designs, but besides solving problems I would like to learn about your own way of thinking, what kind of innovations are you targeting and why, to think a bit broader and develop a wider story and communicating that through your website.

Ill second the skills bubble… one needs to control expectations

I see you are a 5 out of 5 for Solid works. What is this criteria based on?

I remember have some of my students from the the Advance alias surface class i taught put on their resumes that they were experts at Alias… my challenge to them was if they felt they where on par or better then me at the software and when they answered no i challenged that if i don’t consider myself an expert how do you.