Website Feedback

Hello Core77,

I am currently looking for a ID intern. Here is my website
I was wondering if anyone had any feedback. I would greatly appreciate any help.

thanks : )

Hey Deng,

I think you have some really nice work and your process is really thorough. I appreciate all the mockups and scale models, seems like you’re really thinking through the problems at depth.

It looks like you came out with a pretty nice appearance model for the water purifier? Maybe show it off a little more.

I’m not a fan of the site design and horizontal scroll, since some of the content extends beyond the viewable area. I found myself scrolling back and forth to read blocks of text that extended past (see attached image).

If you’re going to do a scroll why not just a simple up/down blog layout? Might make the site more easily viewable on tablet/ipads as well?

Good luck on the internship hunt. Do you have a pdf version as well. I know most of the places I applied to would only take pdf and were not interested in sites.

Thanks! I agree with you, the horizontal scroll seems not friendly. I will try to make a vertical layout soon.