Website Feedback


I recently completed my website and would like some feedback on my work and the website. I am currently looking for a job in ID and have been sending this out to prospective employers.

I would greatly appreciate any help / suggestion you guys could give me.

many thanks.

My Website :


Welcome to the forums! After a quick passing over, it looks kinda nice. I don’t really have any “gripes” about it. A few notes though: the transitions were slow to load, and even though they are meant to add to the experience, they just kinda bogged it down (Chrome 18.0.1 on a new Macbook Pro). It might be a machine or internet speed issue, either way I’m just pointing it out. I also would like to see some spacing between your projects when you put them in that grid, but that’s just a personal pref. Probably something a bit more important would be to add a hover state to the images, so that when I’m hovering over a project link maybe text appears telling me what I’m about to click on. Clean design though. Websites are always tough, this one looks good!

Thanks Dan.

I agree with the transition issue. I myself have seen mixed results on various browsers and networks. Some places it works fast and others its slow. I’m trying to figure this one out.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Some great work.

Personally, I don’t feel like all the transitions add to your work, but instead find it a bit distracting. If the sole purpose of the site is to communicate your projects and skills in a seamless, efficient way for your audience-then maybe not having those kind of transitions might be something worth considering- particularly if it is not consistently working on different browsers.

As well, I find it a confusing that your labeling yourself an interaction, industrial and ‘user experience’ designer. Why not just say “designer” and let your resume and projects speak for themselves? Your work is diverse enough that you don’t need 3 different titles describing what you think you do.

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. The issue with transition makes sense. I think I am going to remove it.

I do agree with your point about saying just “designer”. I was not too sure how people would respond to just designer. However now that you mentioned it,
will give it a thought.

Thanks again !