Website Feedback

I recently revamped my website to send to employers. I have been using this as a teaser and sending my full PDF which includes more projects as well. I’m looking for some feedback. My website is I’m hoping to add some more sketches soon as well. Any feedback I can get will definitely be greatly appreciated!



first off, I really like it!
The website has a real good pop to it and while I might personally think that it maybe gets a little busy from time to time, it is surprisingly easy to navigate.
It has a charm to it and your personality comes through.
Also you projects show a broad skill set and it shows that you have gathered some good experience.

What I would like to comment on though is you initial statement where you write that you are “not above continuing to work as an intern”.
While your humble tone is commendable, I feel it is misplaced and might hold you back. Especially considering the quality of your portfolio and your experience. Don’t undersell yourself. You have been interning since '09!

I doubt that an employer will consider you as a Junior Designer, which is your goal I would assume, when you are selling yourself as a “professional intern”, which by the way is a term I have not yet heard.

These are of course my two cents worth of advice, but I would just scrap that intern thing and go for a fulltime design position. What is it they say? Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. I believe the same goes for attitudes.

Thanks! I definitely understand what you’re saying and agree that I should change some of that wording around.

I do agree with Bepster, your website show a wide range of experience and skills

I wish you luck for your search :slight_smile:

Will check it out when I get back to a laptop. On the road for 4 days and your site won’t view on an iPad (flash). You never know who is going to want to see it where, flash might not be a good platform.

Thanks for that insight! I am currently trying to work out a way to view the site on iPads right now!

I just changed my website over to HTML from Flash. It seems to work well on my iPhone.

Jackie, I’d say that the toy work seems to be your strongest, and the footwear rendering seems to be your weakest. The footwear sketches are pretty good, the early ones have energy, but you aren’t bringing anything new to it. The final render falls flat. It feels like random lines on a foot form. I would move that into the “misc” section.

The most energy seems to be in the toy work. Is that the type of work you would like to be doing? If so, I would really play it up.

Thanks Michael,
I’m currently working on replacing some of the footwear stuff with newer work. I’m hoping to get a tablet that I can work with so I can give the renderings some more energy. It’s next on my list of things to get when I have some money saved. I have worked with toys in the past and I really really like the field but I want the opportunity to work with some other products as well. I have actually been having some trouble getting companies to look past my previous toy jobs and have been having some serious debates with myself over whether or not I should just go back to the toy world.