Website Feedback

Hello everyone,

So I got my portfolio website up and I’m searching for some other designers to look over it. What do you guys think of the site? Is there anything on it that you would want to see more or less of? Would you say this is the right amount of content to have on your website while looking for an internship?


I rarely comment on portfolios as there are many others here that have a lot more experience than me and are used to make hire-or-fire decisions based on folios.
Yours struck me though as exceptional. It was easy to browse through which was a delight and I got within seconds a very positive vibe from your work. Considering that you are early in your career, I think your portfolio and online representation is perfectly suited for an internship position in its clean, humble and simple presentation.

Ok, now I make way for the portfolio-critique-heavy-hitters here.

Thanks for the encouragement Bepster. Anyone else want to say what they think?

I agree with bepster,

I found it easy to navigate and I think it is absolutely the right amount of content to have while looking for an internship. One small nit-picky thing to maybe take into consideration (remember it’s just advice from one person) is to have your past design experience be a bit higher up on your resume? I almost didn’t see it right away and I’m sure moving it up could help alleviate that…

It’s looking good and I’m excited to see how your work progresses

I was thinking that since I don’t have much experience yet I should emphasize my skills more than the design jobs I’ve had. Do you think that is the right way to do it or should I emphasize my experience more no matter how small it is?

I’ve moved my experience up in my resume. Any other advice or insights?