Website dedicated to portfolio?

Hello Core77 Boards!

I’m brand new here and I would like to ask a question regarding professional portfolios. It seems that ‘portfolio websites’ are getting more and more popular nowadays, especially in fields like graphic design where you can show off your work on a website easier than in printed form. One of my friends from college created his own professional portfolio website, although he’s a web designer so it really suits best to use a webpage for his work. I have purchased a hosting package from this hosting provider a few months ago to create a blog because their website builder is relatively easy to use for an html noob like me, but I haven’t really had time to put effort into the blog and right now a portfolio would be of higher priority for me so I might just ditch the blog for that, if it’s really a good idea to use a website for showcasing your portfolio.

Has anyone here created a portfolio on a webpage? If yes, then what is the general feedback on this kind of portfolios?

I’m kind of confused as to the question here? Should you have a web based portfolio? Yes. It can be on coroflot, it can be on behance, it can be your own domain, it can be all of those things. Be in all of those places!