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Hello All,

My name is Brett LaCour, I am a senior ID student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I will be graduating soon and am actively seeking opportunities.

Please critiq my website. I would like to pursue a career in some sort of soft goods development i.e: footwear, bags, gear, apparel

yet… I am open to any opportunities in any field of design. Through my education I noticed that I thoroughly enjoy intensive design research, analyzing insights, and the process of turning those insights into meaningful product solutions from concept to meticulous manufacturing processes.

So please feel free to be brutally honest about the quality of my work and where you professionals think I could fit in the design world.



You definitely have more cut and sew skills than most soft goods designers! Very nice. I would reorder your work a bit. The first project is that chair pod thing and it is really long and not what you want to do. I recommend putting a softgoods project up front. The render section only has two renders. If you make me click over to a special render section there better be at least 10 renders in there. I think you can push them much farther as well. As a look through the sketch discussion here: Choices

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to land a position in soft goods. Right now the footwear part is very causal athletics, kind of camper/clarkes. You might want to open that aperture up a bit with the render section.

Thanks Yo!

I’ll be Sure to Re-Order them accordingly

I am currently pushing those renders right now along with pushing my prototype fabrication skills for my senior project.

At the moment we are currently being heavily affected by Hurricane Matthew so this would be an ideal time to tackle Renders.

Thanks again for the Feedback, very appreciated

silver lining. Stay safe!

Nice clean site! It feels like it has some personality too. I only had a couple of minor comments / opinions; The menu bar order doesn’t feel all that natural, “Resume / About / Home / Work” doesn’t feel instinctive… but this is super minor!! And the ‘home’ page takes you back to the splash screen… do you need that link? Then on your homepage, it’s great that you’re gearing yourself more towards accessory / soft goods, and that really comes across. But it feels like the left hand side is soft goods, and the right is all other work… should it be a bit more mixed? I am viewing this on an iPad though, so might not be how it views on a desktop?

Overall it’s looking really strong though. :slight_smile:

2 comments on the chair project:

  1. You did not cite the sources of the research for your claims about 80% of seats being taken, and the 20% increase, etc. I would like to see this evidenced and not blank claims.
  2. You mention only at the very end of the chair project that it is a 5-6 man group project. I found this to be extremely deceiving because many people would not make it that far down and read the small print. It seems intentionally deceitful in which case I would avoid hiring you because of it.

Thank you for the feedback,

I’ll be sure to cite our research in the presentation and display my contributions first to avoid appearing deceitful.

@Sophie Horton Jones:
Thanks for the Nav advice I’ll remove the home link and think of a better layout to divide work.