Website builder for online store

Hi everyone.

Quick question on a website builder to use for an online store I am in the process of creating. I am building one on but I have been finding some real awesome wordpress themes I could buy and use. I just looked at wordpress and it looks very difficult to manage with all the plugins and codes etc. What to do?

I’m no website guy so any feedback would help.



Funny, I have just been researching this. I built my site with Wix because it has the potential for ecommerce. But I’ve been considering switching to Squarespace, which looks easier, better, and also uses HTML instead of Flash. However, they don’t (yet) offer ecommerce. They tell you how to use a third party commerce site though and how to link to it from your website. Here are some of the ecommerce sites they recommend: Paypal, Ecwid, E-junkie, Mals E-commerce, Foxycart, Google Checkout, Shopify or BigCartel. Haven’t checked them out yet…

Take a look at Shopify.

The only problem is that I want to use a portfolio type template with just a shoppin feature. I’m stuck on what to do!

how about big cartel?

I also like Big Cartel. I use it for which is a wordpress site, and the shop link takes you to nogearsbristol — Home which is hosted by Big Cartel. This guide (Catapult Design – Just another WordPress site) is really useful in making sure that the two work together, and shows you how to use a Wordpress theme with Big Cartel.

Hope that helps. All the best.

Thanks EDPD,
The only problem is I don’t know how to set up a Wordpress site, I found a theme I would like to you I just am not sure how all the coding and things work

Hey, does anyone here use or have used shopify for an online store? I really like it, its just a bit more expensive than some other ones. I like big cartel, it’s just that there aren’t many decent themes and web layouts.

Which would you prefer?

Try the hostgator. they have tutorials.

Or I can set-up the web for you.

I use shopify. I used one of the free themes and then tweaked the code to adjust and make changes. I do not have any coding experience whatsoever but I just looked at the code and compared it to what was being seen on the actual page(s). Then it’s just a matter of changing parameters to change font and sizes and locations of various objects and naming conventions, etc… I also found bits (sections) of code from the shopify discussion forums to add functionality to my pages and most of it was just a matter of cut-n-paste.

If you try what I did, I suggest to initially set your store with a login password. This way, you can live view your tweaks and changes without having anyone else see them until you get it all sorted.

Good luck!

Hi guys, I’m building on online site with wordpress. If anyone has WP experience with e-commerce it would be GREATLY appreciated to get some help!

The first step to start a small business online is to have IT skills to build a website. If one doesn’t have knowledge about IT then there is a website: which makes free websites for small businesses within 5 minutes. Each small and micro business doesn’t have enough power to fight on the internet. Netberg is developing an online searchable business network to help SMEs reach their customers.

you use shopify. i used one of the free theme and then the code to adjust and make changes.any one here used shopify for an online can easily use WordPress site ,this is easy way for you .
hope i was help for you .

I’d really suggest you give SquareSpace a try… they will provide the best experience for you to focus on what you sell

I would like to found a new small-business and I need somebody to create an online store for me. I want it to look pro and I wonder if should I collaborate with some company like for example well known in my country or maybe it would be better to use some free online service? I have never done it before and I need your advice. Thanks in advance.

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce solutions. It includes everything you need to run an online store.

weeelll - it is not cheap - you can not become Amazon just for free you know. It is just a lot of mony and a lot of work…

We are also doing first steps… … about shopify - neah :frowning: it is better that you built your custom solution and implement just those thing that you really need…