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I recently graduated from UT Austin with a BFA in Design. The program is pretty broad and covers a wide range of design disciplines. I’ll be starting grad school at RISD this upcoming January for ID.

I have 6 months until grad school starts and am in the process of trying to find a Fall Internship. I was not trained as an Industrial Designer, the program’s focus was more on an overall design education with more of a focus on design theory rather than an emphasis on technical skills. Students from my program tend to lean towards graphic design after graduation, but I was one of the few who chose ID.

My portfolio might look a bit different than most.

I was just wondering what else ya’ll would recommend I add/remove from the site. I’d love to get a foot in the door and be exposed to more of an ID focused environment whether it be furniture or product design.


hmmm, right now I think you might have a hard time getting an internship strictly based on that folio. I personally love the humor to some of your work, 80’s toaster and what not, but it’s just not up to a high level of execution. Have you spoken to anyone at any of the Austin area firms?

Somewhat unrelated, but I went to see Birth of the Cool with a group of classmates that was visiting Austin for the week. Sweet stuff! It’s great that you got to be a part of that event.

hey guys, thanks for the replies.

As for Austin based firms, I have not had that much luck. I tried a few who wouldn’t even consider me unless I had a bachelors or masters in ID. They basically told me to come back and stop by after getting a masters. And then a lot of the other firms are UI stuff, like Frog Design, who I also contacted several times and was told that I needed more UI knowledge and exposure.

I’ve sent out a bunch of emails to furniture & product design firms in the nyc area. One skill that unfortunately I do not possess is 3D cad skills which seem to be one of, if not the only things anyone seems to want. I realize I need to broaden my horizon, but I am really set on getting something in nyc for the fall.

And yes, that Birth of the Cool exhibit was great. I loved to finally get the chance to sit in those Eames and Saarinen chairs. The whole city of Austin was holding events in conjunction with that exhibit. The local Jazz clubs, museums and movie theaters all had Mid-Century modern things going on.

Funny, I was there too. 3 C77ers in the same spot. Great exhibit. Loved the free classy cocktails too.

As far as the ID firms and UI firms… you without a doubt need more of a focused degree to land a spot within them. Especially Frog, these guys are the best of the best, and are only interested in what seems like the top 3% of people who already have specific UI degrees.

I think your idea to get your Masters in ID is a great one. You may even look better than other potential hires who just have an ID degree. Make the two degrees work together and you will be tough to beat.

Now I’m headed over to Barton Springs with some friends visiting from out of town.

Your sketches are really great. They show so much character and creativity and ability to show emotion through a sketch. I think someone hiring would be out of their mind to pick someone with banal thin line-thick line shoe or car drawings over you.

Your ideas all show a lot of creativity, and look well exectued to me. It’s not a typical design portfolio but typical design portfolios suck.

You have two more years now to make even more of your ideas…my advice is to do as much as you can. A lot of people won’t understand you- the normals will always say that you need to make your portfolio more like theirs. Your ideas are great, and they’ll get even better. Good luck with everything and don’t let the pinks get you down.

But “the normals” are the ones who hire you and pay your rent.
If you will pursue a Maters in ID then CAD abilities will be necessary anyway.
So why don’t you sign up for a class or find somebody who might be able to help you out? There are always ways and means to get you hands on a CAD package and Solidworks is in fact not that hard to pick up, I promise.

Congrats on getting accepted to RISD, I heard good things. I’ll be heading towards Gard school too, but in Sweden, tuition free whoohoo.

The “normals” are indeed the ones who are doing all the hiring and paying.

In my hunt for a fall internship I’ve gotten a lot of, “Great work, but its a little too conceptual and not practical enough for our firm” or, “We really like your work, do you by any chance know any CAD??”. After replying with an enthusiastic “unfortunately no I don’t but I would be more than willing to learn”, I tend to make them lose interest instantaneously.

The lack of basic ID foundations (CAD, sketching) is what’s hurting me in the long run. I just hope that some firm can overlook that tiny (not really) fact and give me a chance.

As for Solidworks and CAD stuff, I tried to take a class at a local community college this summer but they only offered Solidworks training in the “advanced level” class. A class which is only available in the Fall.

Despite knowing that I will be taught how to use it at RISD, in the meantime, I really want to do something ID related.

don’t worry everyone.
I have found an internship in nyc. (a paid one!)
Now I just hope I make enough money so that I can occasionally eat and have a roof above my head.