Website 90% done

Hey Flot’ers

My website is just about done…some of the links are still showing a coming soon page and I’m still adding more content…

thanks for looking

dr_ you know I love your work, but the site graphics look a little stodgy right now (not that I have much room to talk, I suffer from this also). Maybe its the Kaki? The simple letter head you are showing in the graphics area is much more designerly…

hi drdoodle

for some reason i’m finding your site confusing to browse through, i think mainly because there is no “back” button, so i either have to click on the black shoe at the top which takes me right to the beginning or on some other link that therefore takes me to a totally different section.

also when clicking for example on a specific shoe we get the page where we see more photos of the shoes and some sketches etc…all cool…but why put all your text explainations under the think beige line where you have your logo again…putting it in such a low position to me makes it seems like some small print and therefore i wasn’t even reading it in the beginning.

hey thanks for the comments…i know that i have to add a back button and will work on where the text descriptions go. I rather like the khaki with black (I had my cards printed up already so for now it stays) A friend is doing all the web work and he’s on vacation this week (and doing for free) So we’ll just have to be patient…hopefully will be more or less done in a week or so. In the mean time I have alot of work coming in so something is working :wink:

thanks for your comments and stay tuned