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when will the web site be up with the winners of the napkin sketch contest?

My name is Marvin. I just happen to stumble across this very interesting Web site while web searching. I am active duty Navy station in Virginia, and I know nothing about CAD designing, but I have an ideal for a cologne bottle design that I would like to pursue. I have this crazy ideal about creating my own cologne and selling it part time. I would be willing to pay a bright student to help me with this project, but keep in mind that I work for Uncle Sam so I am not rich by a long shot. Help? :laughing:

I would love to help, do you have an email address where I can reach you?

Hey Benj,
here is my email address and contact numbers. This should be a fun project for both of us, and we will discuss the $ when you call.


HOME: (757)369-0988
CELL: 757-344-6009

Call anytime. Today would be great!

Marvin Merritt