Web-site feedback would be much appreciated :)

Any thoughts or comments on the content, layout would be much appreciated.

I have just finished my 3rd and final year of University and am actively seeking employment :wink:


I think the sketches in your “Portfolio” section are all much stronger than those in the “Sketches” section, so you might want to be more selective about how much you put in the latter.

Nice work altogether! The storytelling is nice and clear. For the Mammot Street Cleaner, I see that your third slide details the problems of existing street cleaners, but it is small and likely to be breezed over … if you boiled it down and added some graphics/etc, it would be good.

Thanks Robbie - some good points raised…I am constantly developing my portfolio and web-site so this type of feedback rely helps.

I have made some more amendments and modifications to the site. I was lucky enough to get my work exhibited at the New Designers event held in London in the first week of July.

Hi Ash

There is too much of text for Rolelt, Mammot and Gekko project. I almost skipped reading everything because the text was not synthesized and you wanted to tell me too much. Try to write the important problem/solution/note which has more importance than others.
Bubble sound is well composed project which I felt like reading again and again.
The last slide of the Rolelt project, try to put the final render and the dimension drawings on separate slides. I cannot read either of them because there is soo much happening with the mannequin also!