Web site content.

Having a web site these days is a intrinsic part of being a designer. Its use sometimes exceeds that of a classic hard copy portfolio.
That being said what is the designers “rights” to showing past work? you do it in a portfolio, what makes the web so different?
If you have no formal contract or agreement as to the work after it is presented and “known” to the world, does that allow you to show it as measure of your talent. what about the amount of time after a completed project? If its been over a year and for all intent and purpose the project is dead, does that allow you some latitude in showing older work? Lastly what if the work is from a past employer, or freelance client who again never gave you any binding contract that stated such limitation. If there are any Web Lawyers out there
I’d love to hear your feedback

AMO: No hard and fast rules. Here’s my take:

If a design is public, I can show the final product on my website.

Everything else: get approval before you show it.

With a few projects, I went ahead and did similar projects for myself after the contract was over and tossed that up as though it were part of the project (ie sketches, rough models). That way, I’m showing my own personal work and there is no possible conflict.

I would be very careful showing anything that is not on the market without permission. Even with permission, I might ask for something in writing. You never know when this stuff could come back.

Lastly, talk with your clients. I’ve never had someone say “no” to a reasonable demand.