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Hi All,

This is my very first post on this site. Im working on some index loading pages for a restuarant design. This is an all flash site. I thought it would be fun to get some feedback…

Just your first impressions would be great information. Thanks


www.p3rsiusmedia.com/blue_ginger3.htm :smiley:

i like the second link the best - but then again, i’ve been working on my portfolio site and it looks very similar, so maybe i’m biased! :slight_smile:

Nice, Is it the orange band that does it ? What make #2 your fav

-Agent C4

Im all for #2 too, but id like it if youd round the corners like #3. What does it for me is the large imagery. you cant beat a large gorgeous picture in your face, with nice, small typography to pull it all together.

the black background really makes the image pop too, since its all light blue. better than the white background.

also, make sure that the flash image is centered on the page so i dont have to scroll down to make it look like its centered.

Although the designs are nice I question your concept. Yes they say asian but feel more Japanese then Chinese. The peaceful, subtle textures, water imagery might be what’s making me feel this way. Also there is no message of ‘restaurant’ here.

Start thinking of imagery that you could use that have to do with the food that is served. I’m not saying you have to use a chopstick or wok icon. Also look at chinese icons. I understand the name of the establishment is “Blue Ginger” but traditional Chinese color is red. Think about how you can incorporate that without having the red, white and blue aesthetic that might signify USA, France, etc.

What makes it my favorite is that the composition is similar to my own website design idea with the contrasting bar running through the image. The color scheme doesn’t make any difference to me, although I do like orange.

I agree that rounding the corners would help - i think it would be a more harmonious composition with some repetition of the round shape in the image.

Is this for the restaurant run by Ming Tsai in Massachusetts? If so then the first thing that comes to mind is the packaging design used on his products sold through Target a while back. While there was a good use of blue in the logo there was also a lot of lime green in the designs.

It might be nice to see you use some more green or even a greenish yellow instead of the orange. It makes me think of fresh ingredients and ribbon plants (lucky bamboo) which you see all over the place in asian markets.

here is a laminate sample similar to what Im talking about


Ah yes, I agree I could have spent more time on concept but for the first half of designing this all I had was the name Blue Ginger. (which i think is a blue flower).
I found the water image relaxing and abstract enough to cover all angles.
Red is also the traditional color of Japan so I wanted to stay away from it. I guess I felt orange was a median.

Ive played around with bamboo imagery, chopsticks, dragons the list goes on. I wanted to keep it sheek. I like that polished yellow bambo, nice texture got it high res ? Any suggestions for other imagery.?

Yes I understand that. Maybe play a bit more with the Chinese characters. You have them pretty small right now. Since they are so screened back you might want to make them larger… giving them more presense. You might also consider using chinese text screened back as your texture on on top of this other texture… hope that makes sense.

for the bamboo you can get a larger picture at the nevamar website. Nevamar is a laminate manufacturer if you didn’t know that already. The sample I put earlier was called “extreme green bamboo” they also have it available in other colors.

Heres the link for green:

And another for the other bamboo colors: