web rotate 360 models

So i am looking for software or resources to create the ability to post 3D models onto the web and have users interact with them. Like the software in this this link https://www.webrotate360.com/ I am wondering if anyone has recommendations on what to go with.

I believe keyshot is able to do this, but you have to render all of the frames out which can take a lot of time.

Hmmmm, I have keyshot and have done a few animations… i’ll have to dig into this and see if i have been missing a feature… Thanks Zavesky!

I used the free version of Web Rotate 360 for a quick 360° view for a client. I found it pretty easy to use and there was some customization that you could do, like autoplay or not, speed of auto rotation, inertia, etc. It can output the code necessary to put the model on your website. The client didn’t end up using it, but loading the output locally on my computer produced a good result.

With this software, and I think most competitors, all the rendering is done in advance in your tool of choice. It’s like doing an animation, just the user can scroll back and forth through it. I believe Keyshot has a simple turntable animation tool, which would allow you to easily output the necessary images for a basic 360° view (just set the speed/frame rate accordingly to get the number of images you want). Conceptually a full 3D view is the same, but I don’t know if there are any shortcuts for getting all the views or if you just have to manually set up the renderings.

Since this software just uses premade images you can also use photographs. There are a number of services that can do this for you, but I haven’t used any.

You might want to look into the vrml, x3d and glb file formats.

These might also be an option: