web resources for design students

Hi all again! Happy New Year!

I was just wondering if there are any great websites for a student to check out online related to graphic design, industrial design, idea creations, jobs. Preferably something that one can go to again and again, similar to Coroflot. Please post if you have any! Much thanks!

I’ve gotten a few from my career counselors and insturctors and I feel that they’re sort of dated.

www.artistresource.org - website name explains it all
www.idealist.org - job site for the non-profits

I also found a few that I think are interesting.


I know there are WAY more than these sites relating to graphic design. Why are they hidden? Especially if you’re hunting for jobs at Hot Jobs you don’t see a designated spot for “designers,” it’s more or less hidden in some other field like, “marketing,” “website developing,” etc.

Any help is highly appreciated