Web Portfolio question

Recently I have been thinking about going to a wordpress based portfolio, has anyone done this before? Thoughts about doing it?

Hopefully I can have something together once I finish school this semster

Hi! I just completed a site to show my portfolio online using Wordpress: you can have a look on the address below to see the results. It presented a steep learning curve in a few areas, but it meant that I got to grips with web terminology, basic css and setting up a personal site. (GoDaddy´s site is still a maze of confusion however…!)

I bought my domain (the address where the site is based) through GoDaddy, but I wouldn´t really recommend them, mainly because of their site plus inexhaustive attempts to sell you more stuff. I would recommend “Nearly Free Speech” for hosting (where you upload all your content, including the location of the site itself). It´s a type of pay-as-you-go hosting company and I love the simplicity of the site, the layout and the price is great for low traffic pages, as far as I can see.

Wordpress itself is fairly easy to use after some exploration, and you can get hold of loads of free themes (layouts) for your page.

Hope that helps!