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Hey all,

Just working on my portfolio, reworked a lot of projects to simplify and clarify the process and final products of each. I also added “in progress” sections which will be filled in soon. In the past I’ve been hesitant to add these sections but I think they’re relevant just to show ongoing work if nothing else.

Looking for feedback in general, (re)putting this together has been a humbling experience to say the least, and I know it has more room to grow.


  • Luke

Hi Luke,

I just had a quick look at your website. It looks good and professional and navigates easily. I really like the way you showed the process and most of it was easy to understand (did not look close at all your projects). I liked the image on the about page it gives me a bit of a feeling what kind of person you are.

I was wondering about one thing with the coca cola project: two images of the vessel have the brand illy on it. I could not quickly find where this comes from or how it is related to your coca cola project.

A couple of ideas from my side:

  • Add an extra header for your resume between About and Contact.
  • Add a small preview image for your work that is still in process. Like you did for the thumbnails.

Hey Mixel,

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I guess that part needs more explanation then, Coca-Cola actually owns Illy, I should probably be more specific about the machines beverage offerings. Working on refining that resume and ongoing project stuff as well.

  • Luke

Just finished putting up the first pass of an extensive personal project I’ve been working on


Thoughts and criticism?

  • Luke

Nice project Luke. Your process is pretty well presented and easy to understand in a quick glance-able format. I like the cardboard mock-up and prototype you developed. Always nice to get physical.

One thing - I’d probably go back and put some more time into your sketch ideation pages. I see that you describe your thought process in text below each page, but I should be able to follow that process by just looking through the sketches. You could do this by giving a few key sketches (that were moments of realization) more hierarchy on the page. Possibly add some photoshop love to those to really pop them off the page and call attention to key features that came to life in your final design.

Hey Quinn,

Thanks for the feedback, you’re definitely right. I’ll revisit them to give 'em some treatment.

  • Luke

Hey Luke,
I just checked out your website and it looks clean yet attractive, and very professional.

I agree, your process is well presented, however I would love to see more Hierarchy in your ideation sketches.
Which one do you feel is stronger? Make it bigger than the rest. Maybe add a bit of color to it.
I believe that would make it easier to relate to the next steps of your project.

Keep up the good work!


Hey Andres,

I took y’alls’ advice and made the key moments pop with some color:



Nice, that’s a good start. I would still try to really pump up all the sketches and make them really pop from the page. Your graphics are very grounded and your sketches should be too. Check out these sketch examples:

Gotchya. I’ll put some more polish on them so they communicate stronger.

Thanks for the continued feedback!

Awesome stuff! I would add that you shouldn’t be afraid to overlap the sketches as long as it’s not too cluttered!