Web Page Counters

Just wondering how web hit counters work (whatever they are called exactly). I am making one for my webpage but was wondering if I should just do it simplistic and have it “hit” evertime the page is displayed (refreshed as well) or use a session variable to control the hits 1 person can put on 1 page in say 5 min.

I thought about putting this in the HTML forum but didn’t really think it applied… it isn’t really a help issue was just wondering how the counters worked so I could apply that to mine or apply certain conditions to it.

Note: I am using PHP & MySQL to do this just for your info
imran hashmi

You really don’t need to add a hit counter to your web page, any good hosting service will provide you with a statistics page like Webtracker. this will give you:

Number of times a page was accessed during a month
Number of unique individuals in a month
Web page that the visitor found your website through
Web page the the visitor went to after your page
The last page that someone was one before leaving
Network address that the visitor was on
Country of origin for your visitors

If you send out HTML emails to people you can also use this data to track open rates by seeing how many times a specific image was downloaded into email programs.

This will not tell you who is looking at your page, just what network or web service provider they are using.

You should consult a web designer for more detail on this.

PS - unless your blind you don’t need to obnoxious large fonts