Web/Interactive Design Schools?

I’ve already graduated from ID at a fairly prestigious school in the US, worked a great internship in SF and got a job for a year at a reputable ID firm in boston, and quit upon realizing I was destroying the world with plastic crap people really didnt ever need (and i just got bored in general). so i started at a small print/web design shop and learned a decent amount about the business (kind of getting paid to learn) and im good, but not great (my clients think im great, but they’re all startups used to the housewife around the corner using paint for brochures). It’s a fun job, but really, I know only enough to be slightly dangerous in middle america, and thats not where i’d like to be.

So i’m looking for schools where I can become proficient in interactive design… i guess thats what i want? i really want to learn and know technology, be able to stay cutting edge and be relevant, like i was in ID, but i dont know where to start. i want to focus on user experience and interaction on the web, tv, movies, ecommerce, etc…

i just dont know where the best place to find this degree is, or really what its’ called? i’ve been researching and i find it hard to trust a lot of the curriculums out there, as a lot of them just blow smoke up there own pipes (AI, academy of arts, etc - or maybe they’re good, i just can’t tell). i just dont want to end up at some kitchy art school blowing 20gs a year in my late 20’s…

thanks so much in advance for your help!


Kind of funny, I’m doing web stuff right now and am planning on going into ID in the future.

Two programs I would recommend for that stuff:

University of Texas at Dallas Arts and Technology program

Georgia Tech’s Computational Media program

These are probably at least similar to what you are looking for.

Although I’ll be honest, I’ve been working heavily in web design/development for 4+ years and I really don’t think that you need to go back to school for something like this. It’s really an area that allows you to learn on your own and use the online community for feedback and growth.

There are a couple of schools that might meet your needs:

  1. University of Cincinnati has a digital design program that is very interactive oriented. It is a combination of typography in motion, web design and animation and 3d modeling. It isn’t just about web design, although that is probably its main focus.

2.RIT has a new media major that deals primarily with web design and looks pretty strong.

  1. Carnegie Mellon has a visual communications major that might have a few other positions open in the Human Computer interaction group.

  2. I would bet that SCAD has a form of interactive design major, although I know little about SCAD.

MFA in Interaction Designat SVA:

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (graduate):

MICA Interaction Design and Art (undergraduate):