Web Hosting.

Almost finished with making my portfolio with Freeway for the Mac. Not to crazy, no flash, bot the set up and pics look cool.
Does anyone have a pref for a web hoster, that is fare in price and reliable. I would like to have a web address that is not www.frank@#@Y@UEWUWQIWOPWQ.company name?


a ton out there. prices mostly all reasonable. i use a local place. that way i can call them if there’s a problem. supports a local business. only wish they supported php/Apache/mysql. ton of free stuff for those. when i switch my next host will be running those.

I have been using fatcow for 4 years. Every year the price stays the same but they offer more space and features. You do have to pay yearly (instead of monthly installments) but much cheaper in the long run:

I have my domain name registered with them too.

My website: www.lauren3g.com. It also includes 100 E-mail Accounts (you_put_what_you_ want_here@lauren3g.com) although I have only set up 1 account. I rarely use it.

Hi all thanks for the comments so far.

Since I’m new to the web game I designed the page using Freeway for mac, it’s easy and fast. I don’t know flash so it’s free of it, are these web hosters good for such a simple site.

What are some things I want to have in my site and what are some things I want in a web hoster and what are the things I do. Please explain the tech lingo for me.


You will have to be a bit more specific with your questions.

You can make a simple site without flash. The only flash on my site is the sound… and I don’t really need that. Any decent web host should be able to handle a simple site.

I don’t know what you need for your site. Its your design problem. This is a portfolio site… who is your audience? Do they need to contact you? These are some of the questions to ask. This will help you figure out what you need.

I use a company in California - www.aplus.net

For around $10 a month I get plenty of space, emails addresses, 24 hour tech support including chat, and the best part is that their servers are rock solid. The only time my site is ever offline is when they upgrade their equipment and they always notify me way in advance.


anyone familiar w them? found them through reviews. the Xtra-phase package looks great. thinking about shifting my site.

just set up a webspace with

domain registration and all…one of the best deals i could find and seems to be really fast

anyone running their own server?

I highly recommend cwi hosting www.cwihosting.com I’ve been using them for a few years now and have never seen better support. Uptime is 100% and they will e-mail you about server enhancements etc.

no rush so still looking for my new host. visited a http://www.artbyfeng.com/ and comment about his host led me to


“Unlimited FTP Accounts”. shweet. probably call tomorrow and ask some questions.

2 gigs for cheap

i’ve just signed up w Fourbucks. so far it looks good. website transferred smoothly (except their system caught a typo in my code i had to fix). just set up email. no problems. and now using Thunderbird (goodbye Outlook)… on this machine at least.

havent figured out the FTP part yet. tried last night. easy to set up FTP locations. limiting access and logging onto subdomain trickier.

also explored the offerings. lots of php stuff ready to use. i had a php forum set up on old server (unused). this looks easier to install. also has autoload (i guess) blogging software. includes a few that probly are going away. but Wordpress is there. e-commerce stuff. and more.

very nice. think i’ll be happy w them.

I noticed that the last post in this thread was dated Feb 25, 2005.

Have any of you changed web hosts due to any problems with your hosting service? Any technical or customer service problems that you have encountered? I’m about to get my site moving finally, and just want to make sure I choose an excellent web hosting company!

How often can you update your site and how do you update it? And does it cost money to do so or is it unlimited? I want to be able to update sketches and a blog when ever. What is the bandwidth used for?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m new to this.


By the way, do any of you use godaddy as a web host? Their ECONOMY package (5GB storage / 250GB transfer) is $3.99/mo for 2 months, $3.59/mo for a year, or $3.19/mo for 2 years. Seems like a great deal! Just curious?