Web Event: Design Out Loud Studio Course Presentations

Design Out Loud is a senior studio course in the school of design at Carnegie Mellon University. The course seeks to help students produce, present and promote their work through the use of social media tools. We are hosting a set of mid-semester presentations that you can attend virtually via Vivo Live.

We are looking for design professionals to attend the event, physically or virtually, to critique the work. At this point in the project the students should have the service/systems that their products operate within firm. After the presentation the remainder of the semester will be used to create final deliverables and visuals. So, we are looking for feedback on how the students have told the story of their project. Things to consider during the presentations: 1. Did they state their problem? 2. Is it clear who their product caters to? 3. Did they describe a setting or system their product works within? 4. What do you think of their conceptual product idea?

The sessions are November 10th and November 15th, We will begin at 4:30PM for both sessions. It would be great if you could make it to both sessions, but one or the other is great too.

If you are unable to make it we will be live streaming our event via Vivo Live. You will be able to see the event live and even ask questions, right on the site. The presentations will be archived if you can’t make it and want to see what we’re up to later.

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