Wearable Technology Graduate Programs

Hey guys,
So I have posted on here before on what people think about going to Graduate school after getting a BS in ID.
I haven’t been able to get in a whole lot of work experience yet since graduating in 2011. I have picked up over the past 6 months a slew of freelance projects which has been great. My biggest issue though that I have been facing is what areas of ID I want to go into. For me its always been between Lighting and the Outdoor Industry. What I have discovered though through the lighting industry and several interviews is that I want to make more hand made craft/wood/metal lighting, almost something I could do in my spare time. Most companies with Lighting haven’t struck a cord with me yet, maybe its just because there are so many manufacturers out there. Now with regards to the Outdoor Industry, most of the industry deals with soft goods, something I didn’t not delve into in my time at Georgia Tech, I wish I had though. Over the past few weeks, I have been looking further into wearable technology and lighting + integrating that into various segments of the Outdoor Industry. Now as I mentioned I have little to no soft goods experience when it comes to designing, patterns, and sewing. Where I am stuck right now is whether this should be something I should pursue teaching my self the skills or going back to school for? If I were to do this on my own, would anyone recommend some reading material?