weapon of choice: music device.

I rocked the mini disc player until it was just some kids from Asia and me on that band wagon. I still use the Asia AM-F70 but only to bootleg concerts. Then Apple stepped it up to the Nano (4gb).

Now I rock the Touch (2g 16gb) and a Technics sl-1500 direct drive turntable, hooked up to a Harman/Kardon e230 amp and some kenwood speakers.

I’m also an ex-minidisc fan turned ipod, now ipod touch(16gb firstgen) I really like the metal back and glass screen of this device. It gives the player a nice heft for it’s small size. I wouldn’t buy the plastic back version. I thought 16gb would not be enough and though I’d love a 160GB touch, I know that would soon not be enough. :laughing:

Sound quality is decent enough.

I agree. iPod touch for me as well.

I used my iphone 3gs 32gb

it’s great

I got a 16gb 3Gs a few weeks ago, it is okay. I got a Technic’s SL-1500 DDTT that I like too.