weapon of choice, Headphones

What are your head phones of choice, because everyone knows that you don’t want to talk to everyone all the time.

I like the scull candy line, good price, okay sound quality, fantastic warranty, hold up well

When I actually care to not hear anything else or want to hear whatever I am listening to I use Shure se530’s. Worth every penny, and that is a lot of pennies. Also best headphones for flying.

want to check out the Beats sometime, I saw them, but they weren’t hooked up so I didn’t get a chance to listen, but I “hear” good things.

For domestic wars I run with my trusty old Sony MDR-V600’s, great since '98 (when I got them) and before I’m sure

When I’m on the go, I got my Panasonic RP-HTX7’s.

They look a little better than they sound, comfort level is so-so, and one of the fake leather dealios around the ear is already cracking after about a year and half, but whatever. They also came with a cord extender which is awesome for work, and nice to take off and have a short leash on my iPod.

Been meaning to check out some Shure’s for awhile, long time Shure fan and user for my turntable carts, but never got around to actually checking out them out in person.

Koss PortaPro

I’ve been rocking these for years. I’m on my third pair (all replaced for free under Koss’ unbeatable lifetime warranty) They were designed in 1984 and look like it, but once you get use to them, they are light as a feather and sound like a dream. And that vintage charm is authentic…

Sennheiser HD-25.

Sennheiser HDR 140

got to love wireless!!!

Sennheiser HD 280 pro

I’ll need a new pair soon because they have started to break. I’m not very happy about it.

Grado SR-60 fo sho!

They’re big and foamy but they sound so good. They don’t cancel noise, which I like at work, because I need to hear the boss talking to me.

The best part is that they’re made in what could be somebody’s house in Brooklyn.

I don’t have a good set for airplanes as I really don’t like to put the in-ear headphones so deep into my ear. I feel like I’m going to hit my brain. Beside that, I don’t fly enough to dish out the cash for the Bose set.

The higher priced Skull Candy buds have nice sound quality for their size.

I had a Plantronics DSP500 USB gaming headset that had amazing sound quality, had a built-in soundcard.

I like my Sure Ec3 for earphones.

I think I’ve had my Sony MDR-V6’s for almost 15years now. Very comfortable for long periods of time and keeps my ears nice and warm if it’s cold out. Sound quality wise, I think they’re unbeatable for a $72 headphone. There’s good reason Sony has been making this model for 20+ years now.

I may have to get a pair of those Skull Candy ones though, for when I feel like I need a good head pounding :smiling_imp:

I have to second that one. Granted, I just got them last year, but it was due to the reputation they have. They are excellent for the price. The exposed wires scare me a little but it forces me to make sure I’m careful with them, maybe that’s a good thing.

Shure se530. Best earbuds I’ve found yet.

For $500 I would hope so.

Just picked these up…

SWEET! How do they sound? I’m thinking of getting the MasterBlasters to replace my broken BOSE QC2s, but I’m not sure if they will be as good for sound quality.

got the same ones in brown.

How could Dr. Dre be wrong?

if only I had the extra coin laying around right now…

custom painted COLORWARE + Beats by Dre

SWEET! How do they sound? I’m thinking of getting the MasterBlasters to replace my broken BOSE QC2s, but I’m not sure if they will be as good for sound quality.

Not quite the musicians studio headphones I lost… but, they sound good look a hell of a lot better.

The feature i enjoy:

  1. Memory foam against the ears
  2. Volume control on the headset.
  3. iphone mic.